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It’s Remembrance Day, and even though my personal views on the necessity of war and the sad state of our morals in the developed world differ from most of the people I know, I have to say this special day is one of my favorites.  It’s a day when we all stop and think about war, the state of the world: the past, present and future… and on the sacrifices people have made so that we can say that we live in the free world.

It also makes me think about this:




and these:

We have long used animals in war, and for just as long animals have had no choice in the matter.  While you are remembering those who lived and died in war, remember those who gave their all on four legs for the war of their masters.

Above are shots of the gorgeous Animals in War Memorial in London.  For more information, check here.

For more shots of modern use of dogs in war, click here.  Let us never forget the supreme sacrifice made on our behalf, both human and animal, and let us never forget to pay them at the very least, respect.

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