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I’m watching over 2 bitches and their 12 pups for a couple of weeks.


The pups are outrageously cute, and the mothers are very sweet, although certainly they have not received the best of care.  This is one of the mothers:


…. which is not all that remarkable until you see the other:



After seeing a picture of the second mom, I thought for sure I’d be meeting an aloof and territorial dog.  I wondered what the pups would be like and if I’d be able to sort out who is whose.  The first turned out to be completely and utterly wrong, and the second matters some, but not much.  Both moms co-parent equally and are very, very deeply bonded.  It’s one of those rarer situations where you feel like you’re just incredibly lucky that the dog(s) in front of you crossed your path.  I truly feel like I’m witnessing something that most people never get to see, and others don’t even acknowledge.  There is an air about these two, and indeed their pups, that makes you realize how wild the world truly is and how little we, who claim to rule it, even know it.

I’ll just leave you with these.

10811571_814057368658735_1012594013_n 10811547_814057675325371_1547332753_n 10808173_814057641992041_709050430_n 10807067_814057448658727_1942216880_n 10805072_814057465325392_981281502_n 10735825_814057395325399_1766313708_n 10754990_814057351992070_1347386035_n 10799328_814057438658728_1539894964_n 10799565_814060108658461_1315931498_n 10804963_814057625325376_1954303516_n

Dumping them is something I’ll never understand.

Author: offleash

Small farmer, student of canine life, advocate, dog rehab and behavior specialist.

4 thoughts on “Guardian

  1. I really like those mother dogs. Stunning looks to them.

    • Yes, me too. They are even more impressive in person. I’m hopeful someone will want to raise one of the pups around here so I can get a look at them as they grow – barring that, maybe someone on the other end in BC will send pics.

  2. What an opportunity to help and observe. Do you know much about their histories, or is this more of a foster situation? I’m guessing the latter since you mentioned not being sure of the temperament and were glad to be wrong!

    Is it a trick of the light, or is something going on with the gold bitch’s right eye? The iris near the lateral canthus doesn’t match up with the rest of the coloring.

    • Not a trick, no. She has an abscess on her eye, that was diagnosed by the vet earlier in the week. Probably the first time they’d been in to the vet. She’s on antibiotics for that, but it will take a while to heal up.

      I know nothing about their histories, everything is an assumption at this point based on behavior. I’ve definitely had my fair share of dogs here with unknown histories, or little known about their histories, so I do have some experience to draw from. Interestingly, the sable mother (named Sitka atm), is extremely good on a line and on a leash. It seems that they have been owned before, which is not always the case if they were indeed reserve dogs.

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