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More puppy goodness…


More on my farm guests.  I suppose I will find a new subject soon, but right now this is it.

After all, could you concentrate with this going on?

Author: offleash

Small farmer, student of canine life, advocate, dog rehab and behavior specialist.

2 thoughts on “More puppy goodness…

  1. The mom’s protective sentinel role is so cool, with the romping, excited puppies spilling out everywhere and into everything.

    • The moms are spending more and more time outside the den, and have finally begun seriously weaning the pups. They are exceptionally caring and protective mothers, without any undue aggression at all. I do get the feeling that I am constantly being evaluated as I interact with the pups, however, measuring my intentions.

      Sitka is also the self appointed puppy interaction leader. When they get a little rough with each other, she will orient to the sound, and then position her body so that she can move quickly to interfere if needed. When it only lasts a short time and resolves, she visibly relaxes and finds something else to do. It’s a beautiful representation of how dogs and puppies need to be handled imo.

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